A Collection of Successes

Karina López | Julio 29, 2021 | Lectura de 9 minutos

Breguet -vs- Tiffany

In an Instagram post I published on July 22nd, I wrote that a good campaign is a collection of successes. This implies that both its design and execution are well done, that it’s attractive to the market to which it is directed, and that it has a good level of brand recall.

I used as an example the Breguetcampaign, an international jeweler that has been very careful with its brand and therefore enjoys an excellent positioning.

I mentioned three characteristics:

  1. A message that leads to action
  2. An image that evokes positive or memorable experiences
  3. Motivation to make a decision

Not your mother’s Tiffany

Well, coincidentally, this week the new Tiffany campaign came out. Tiffany is another jeweler that has been internationally recognized for its impeccable branding and a very strong positioning in the US. The company has been very conservative in the design of its jewelry, as well as in managing its image, which is characterized by its traditional blue box with a white ribbon.

In an attempt to revitalize the brand to attract younger customers, Tiffany launched the campaign “Not your mother's Tiffany” in an event in Los Angeles. This new campaign, however, has not been well received and has even been strongly criticized because the message does not resonate with its current customers.

If a good campaign must be a collection of successes, this case exemplifies the opposite:

  1. The campaign was poorly received by its current market. There were many unfavorable reactions and comments on social media.
  2. The main message offended current customers and we don’t really know whether it will attract a new market.
  3. Although the main message is supposed to lead to action, in this case it provoked a reaction against the brand.
  4. Including the image of young models alongside the campaign slogan goes precisely against the current trend, in which companies are seeking to be more inclusive.
  5. Campaigns should motivate people to make positive decisions regarding the brand; however, for the moment the actions it has elicited have been unfavorable.
  6. If the campaign’s goal is to reach a new audience, the company must make sure it doesn’t do it at the expense of the one it already has.

It is still too early to assess the effectiveness of the campaign, considering that its goal is to attract a younger market. Nonetheless, in my opinion, it is an aggressive bet for which I would have proposed to carry out market tests not only with the target audience but also with their usual audiences. At the end of the day, these audiences are the ones that have made Tiffany worth what it is worth today.

Sin embargo, en mi opinión, es una apuesta agresiva en la que yo hubiera propuesto el realizar pruebas de mercado no solo con el público objetivo sino con sus públicos de siempre, que son los que han hecho que Tiffany valga lo que vale hoy.

We cannot build by destroying what we already have, which is why Tiffany has already halted the campaign, at least for now. I don't know if they will modify it or replace it with a totally new one, but they clearly got the message and resumed their previous campaigns.

The brand was sold at the end of 2019 to LVMH for 14,700 million Euros and I understand that as part of a new group, they have defined a new strategy for the brand, considering that their portfolio includes other brands such as Bulgari and Pomellato.

In conclusion, you cannot lose the market you already have to win a new one. After all, these are the customers that have been loyal to you and have helped you build a brand.

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