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What Eco-Friendly Marketing Initiatives Mean for Business in 2022

Karina López | Noviembre 29, 2021 | Lectura de 10 minutos

The Green Marketing revolution is coming.

While the concept of green marketing has been around for a while now, it is evident that the trend is beginning to really take root and will inevitably change the marketing landscape in 2022. Companies are increasingly finding that green marketing can be a very attractive investment for them both in terms of maintaining and growing market share, but especially in terms of establishing a strong brand that will attract new customers and clients. Green Marketing is growing because it makes good business sense, but also because consumers are increasingly demanding more environmentally friendly products and services from companies as well as expecting them to do their part to preserve the environment for future generations.

What exactly is Green Marketing?

Green Marketing is a form of sustainable strategic management that uses proven marketing practices to create environmental awareness, promote the adoption of sustainability and encourage consumers to purchase products with minimal impact on the environment. Green Marketing can be seen as an extension or specialized branch of general corporate social responsibility efforts by organizations but also is closely tied to the comprehensive strategies of corporate marketing teams.

It's important to note that Green Marketing is not Greenwashing. Greenwashing occurs when a company makes an insincere or unsupported claim about its green credentials in order to promote sales of their products, produce, services and/or brands while making it seem that they are more environmentally friendly than they actually are.

Green Marketing, on the other hand, is an honest effort to make a positive difference in terms of environmental impact, while also seeking to gain support from consumers for their efforts. Green Marketing should be viewed as the next step in sustainable marketing that builds upon conventional green marketing efforts but ensures that they are done right and actually have some real value behind them.

A few examples of some corporations that are early adapters of the Green Marketing concept are :

  • Green Mountain de Coffee Roasters,
  • Green Offset de American Express,
  • Green Choice de los hoteles Marriott y,
  • Green Team de PepsiCo.

What (or who) is fueling the Green Marketing trend?

There are a number of factors fueling Green Marketing at the moment.

  1. El primero es que ha aumentado la demanda de productos y servicios amigables con el medio ambiente. Esto significa que, si las empresas quieren mantener la lealtad de sus consumidores, es indispensable que se aseguren de contar con estrategias sólidas de mercadotecniaverde.
  2. Las expectativas de los consumidores por productos amigables con el medio ambiente.
  3. Los esfuerzos de responsabilidad social empresarial al alza.
  4. La demanda de las generaciones jóvenes por preservar el medio ambiente y proteger el panorama ambiental potencialmente aciago, con consecuencias devastadoras para la vida en la Tierra.
  5. Que contribuye a incrementar las ventas o la participación de mercado, ya que la empresa se puede diferenciar de competidores que no tienen estrategias sólidas de marketing verde o que simplemente no están instrumentando prácticas de mercadotecnia ecológica en su modelo de negocios general.
  6. Mayor lealtad por parte del consumidor.
  7. Mejor reputación empresarial.

Is Green Marketing restricted to specific industries?

No, Green Marketing is not just for certain types of companies; Green Marketing efforts can be used by virtually any business and in many diverse industries. Green marketing initiatives are popping up everywhere from the automotive industry to food and beverage manufacturers and retailers like Whole Foods Market to Banks like Wells Fargo who has their very own Green Team dedicated to environmental sustainability initiatives.

What does Green Marketing look like in 2022?

The Green Marketing movement is growing rapidly, and it’s very likely that Green Marketing will become the new norm for marketers in 2022. Green marketing tactics are already being used by many of today’s leading companies, but as consumers continue to demand more environmentally friendly products from all sectors of industry, there is little doubt that green marketing is going to become a very important part of marketing in the near future. Green Marketing is no longer perceived as an altruistic effort by companies, but rather a smart way for businesses to protect and grow their market share while also doing something good for society at large.

Green Marketing will continue to gain momentum over the next decade, particularly because millennials are now entering the workforce and have begun demanding more from employers than just salary – they want employers who believe in sustainability efforts too. Green Marketing offers many benefits such as increased consumer loyalty, company branding that attracts new customers and clients, enhanced reputation among industry peers and stakeholders alike, and improved operating efficiencies within organizations through reduction of costs - ultimately making green marketing initiatives profitable investments.

What is the financial benefit of adopting Green Marketing strategies?

The economic benefits of Green Marketing are becoming readily apparent as more and more companies begin to implement Green Marketing efforts. Green marketing initiatives can help reduce operating costs, increase productivity through reduced energy consumption, make companies eligible for tax incentives from the government related to sustainability projects, generate new revenue streams by taking advantage of emerging green-tech industries such as Renewable Energy production or Smart Grid technology - just to name a few.

Who should corporations turn to in order to establish their Green Marketing initiatives?

In order for Green Marketing to be successful, companies should consider working with an agency or consultant experienced in Green Marketing, that can help them navigate the process of implementing Green Marketing strategies. Green Marketing agencies and Consultants specialize in helping organizations create new products or services while also ensuring they are environmentally friendly; these types of agencies focus on sustainability initiatives as part of product development processes so Green marketers do not have to worry about developing green products on top of everything else they must do to drive business growth.

If you are a business or any size, consider finding your partner in Green Marketing in order to strategically position your business for the year ahead.

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