For more than 20 years I have dedicated myself to leading work teams to meet their goals and to support professionals to achieve their objectives.

My job is to identify opportunities for improvement and develop solutions for each area.
  • Define goals.
  • Define the specific needs of the organization and the team to find authentic and profitable solutions together.
  • Define objectives and opportunities for improvement of the team of collaborators through group work sessions.
  • Define opportunities and work with objectives to meet individual goals through individual sessions.
  • Seek a transparent conversation and constant feedback to ensure the excellence of the project.
  • Measure the impact of actions through permanent, but non-invasive, monitoring to help solutions and results flow.
The central idea of coaching is to direct good ideas with the experience of others who have already traveled that path:
  • Don't waste time learning
  • Do not lose money in reprocesses
  • Get there faster
  • Do not lose resources


If you want to tell me about your venture or feel that you need advice to start, redefine or improve your project:

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