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Hiking: my passion.
The mountains: my purpose.

In an effort to contribute to solving the problems that are generated by the effects of climate change, I have developed an initiative that I have called "Take only memories, leave only footprints", with the aim of educating and raising awareness in the community about the importance of taking care of nature, through small and easy actions, and leaving natural spaces as we find them when we visit them.

I enjoy hiking and through my hikes I have observed that people who visit meadows, forests, rivers and mountains, due to carelessness or lack of knowledge (it is difficult for me to think that due to negligence) leave garbage, ashes that can cause fires or major accidents, or simply walk off the trail, among other behaviors; without being aware that their behavior has a negative impact on future generations.

That is why Leave Only Footprints is a movement that must grow so that together, we can take care of and teach others to take care of our planet.

If everyone spreads the word, there will be more and more consciously active people who care about the environmental impact.


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