In a world characterized by competition and uncertainty, having a good business idea is not enough. Sooner or later most companies face enormous challenges. To overcome them, it is required constantly innovate, have a clear strategy and an efficient implementation.

Strategic Planning

A changing environment forces businesses to adapt to market conditions quickly and effectively, which is why strategic planning is essential for designing the direction that a company should follow.

Whether you have a plan you want to review or a new business you want to undertake, I can assist you in designing the right strategy for you to achieve your goals.

Business model

  • The client and service offered
  • How to create value
  • Value chain
  • Exit strategy

Profitability model

  • Sources of income
  • Cost structure
  • Key profitability factors

Commercial and marketing planning

For a company to achieve its sales goals and be positioned in its market, it is important to design a commercial and marketing strategy that details the programs and projects required to achieve the business objectives; as well as defining the indicators to evaluate the operation.

  • Needs diagnosis
  • Investigación de mercados, análisis de competencia y análisis del entorno
  • Metas de crecimiento y del funel de ventas
  • Estrategias de mercadotecnia generales y por tipo de cliente
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • Customer Journey
  • CRM Implementation
  • Plan de acción
  • Políticas de ventas
  • Monitoreo y analítica

Green Marketing

Three decades ago, there was a movement to raise awareness about the negative effects of climate change on our planet and a decade later green marketing emerged, whose main objective is to promote or market those products or services that tend to reduce the negative effects of climate change.

This concept has become relevant because Millennials and Centennials (who already represent 57% of the planet's population) grew up with the process of raising awareness about climate change and its effects.

If you don't already have a strategy to spread your sustainable strategies, I can help.

Personal Branding

Today we live in a world in which, if we want to meet someone, we go and look for information on them on the internet, in such a way that, if you are not present online, it is the equivalent of not existing, which is not true.

Hence the relevance of defining our own image, a voice, and a message if we want to have a strong personal brand. 

Defining our personal brand is about identifying and packaging our person as a product, consistently and constantly articulating what you do. Through this process I help you:

  • Define your brand
  • Your 360º view
  • Define your message
  • Define your image
  • The right type of communication for your brand and your message


If you want to tell me about your venture or feel that you need advice to start, redefine or improve your project:

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