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I will help you reach your goals.


Hello! I'm Karina Lopez, a marketing consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of international experience in two countries, with occasional work in some Latin American countries.

I am the director and founder of Quali, my own agency, where I have a professional team that helps me in the development of the projects that we carry out.

One of my primary objectives is to empower my clients and share my knowledge to help them navigate their business journeys with greater speed and efficiency, ultimately achieving remarkable results.

Whether you're looking to launch your brand or grow in the market, I'm ready to assist you!


What motivates me every time I start a new project is to contribute, add value, and witness how my clients become excited with each step they take. My focus is on developing a robust business plan and marketing strategies with foundations that support each strategy and tactic to be executed.


Hiking: My Passion.
Mountains: My Purpose.

my passion.

my purpose.

In an effort to contribute to solving the problems generated by the effects of climate change, I have developed an initiative that I have named "Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints." The goal of this initiative is to educate and raise awareness within the community about the importance of preserving nature through small and simple actions, such as leaving natural spaces exactly as we find them when we visit.

This is why "Leave Only Footprints" is a movement that must grow, so that together, we can care for and teach others to care for our planet. If each person spreads the word, we will gradually become a larger group of conscious individuals who actively care about environmental impact.


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It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to design a marketing plan to launch a new product or service, or you need a marketing strategy to grow in a new market, or your sales are decreasing and you need help. Whatever it is, we can have a conversation in order to understand your needs.